Thursday, September 19, 2013

Look what I made | DIY braided leather camera strap

I've been a Canon camera owner since 2010 and I love it. They are so pretty. But then there is that one thing that really bugs me: the original camera strap. It's unattractive, uncreative and it makes me feel like a tourist all the time. So, time for a change! I had some scrap leather and just got started. Here's a DIY

Braided leather camera strap

The ingredients 
What you'll need

- 3 long pieces of leather, I used different colours to make it more fabulous
- Another {wide} piece of leather
- 2 very thin strokes {but strong enough to hold the camera ofcourse}
- A sharp knife
- Needle and thread
- 2 buttons
- A hammer and a nail
- Optional: a thimbleful
- {and something I forgot to photograph} Some kind of superglue


1. Start with braiding the pieces of leather. You'll probably need someone to hold it to begin the braid. Measure how long you want it to be, I left it a little longer than the middle part of the original strap.
2. Use the knife to cut two oval shaped pieces (rectangular is fine too)
3. Use the hammer and nail to make holes around the edges. Believe me, you'll need it.
4. Make a small cut in the middle.
5. Grab the strokes of leather.
6. Pull the strokes through the cut you made in step 4. At this point you'll need to decide whether you want the buttons to be on the inside or the outside {if the two sides are different ofcourse}
7. Use the superglue to glue the ends of the braid together.
8. Glue the ends to the oval pieces.
9. Glue the small strokes to the other end.

10. Use the hammer and nail once again to make holes all the way through the ends of the braid.
11. Grab your needle and thread. I used about 2-3 arm lengths of thread for each side of the braid. Make sure you use the thread at least double {the more the prettier in my opinion}.
12. Make a knot {or a double one, or a triple one...}
13. Adjust the thread on the thin strokes {I did this because the nail holes were too big for the knot}.
14. Connect both sides of the oval piece, make sure it's tight!
15. When you're done, try to adjust the loose end to something. I made a few knots on the inside.
16. Grab new thread and the button. Decide where you want it to be {start at the side where the button will be, this way you won't have any loose ends on the other side!}
17. Make a few buttonholes
18. DONE


  1. Geweldige DIY! Ik wil ook al tijden een eigen strap maken, maar dit is wel het mooiste voorbeeld dat ik tot nu toe heb gezien. Weer eens wat anders dan met stof! :) Liefs

    1. Dankjewel! Het was even zwoegen maar dan heb je ook wat :)