Friday, April 12, 2013


Yeah.. What can I say. Remembering to blog something isn't really 'my thing'. It's probably because I've been so busy lately, with my 'university' work ('cause you can't say school), with doing the photo a day challenges and mostly, with spending every free minute in front of the tv.
Speaking of the photo a day challenge, here's how March turned out:

March {collages are pretty, don't you think?}
Obviously, I didn't stop at the end of March, so here's April so far:

Photo a Day by: FatMumSlim | 1. Play | 2. Blue | 3. Something beginning with 'A'  |
| 4. This happened today | 5. Something good | 6. Air | 7. Dreamy |
| 8. On your plate | 9. Tiny | 10. A place | 11. Detail |
See picture 10? That's my new desk. And guess what? It's totally home made! I wanted a desk so badly, but my room is so small. It's just my bed (a double one), a bedside table and a closet, and that's already kind of full. So a normal desk wasn't an option, we had to make one. Not a problem. I made the design, my mum  took an old fence down. Since I can't handle a saw (or any other kind of tool), my mum did that for me. And then we had a problem: The legs that I picked, were too short. But, my mum is a genius, and we glued door/drawer knobs to the bottom of the legs. We bought some black paint, and tadaaa! A new desk. The best part (see left-under picture) it's fully integrated with the windowsill, so I have some extra space.

Well, that's it for today. I have to study again (poor me). But, this time next week we have a week off, yes a whole week of doing absolutely nothing at all.

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  1. die tafel is echt geweldig Bob de bouwer van me