Friday, March 01, 2013

Photo A Day March.

Today I start with the photo challenge for march. The theme for day 1 is 'L is for...'. First I wanted to do something with lipstick, but it turned out awfully! The colour of the lipstick was way to red and my teeth looked like they were yellow. So I started thinking, while I actually had to be studying. I searched around the house for something beginning with L, when I stumbled upon my Holga. YES, that's it, lomography.

Day 1. 'L is for...' - Lomography!

I always crop these images into squares, 'cause I want all of them to be the same size. I know, it's pathetic. 
Want to join me in the challenge? Get the 'how to play' and all the info you need! (Click!)

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