Saturday, March 02, 2013

I went shopping

I felt like I deserved to spend some money. There were many reasons, for example: 'I finished my first Photo A Day', 'My grades were amazing lately', but most of al: 'I really, really, REALLY need a new lens'. So I went shopping.

I came home with:
- The amazing 'plastic fantastic' Canon EF 50mm f/1,8 II lens
- Estée Lauder's Sensuous Noir 
- 4 rolls of washi tape
- 2 fake lipfinity lipsticks (they are way too colorful, but who cares for €2.-)
- An ultrasuperduperfake Jack Daniels shirt (or as the shirt says 'Daniiels')

I used the washi tape to pimp my phone!

Oh, I almost forgot. This is the photo for day 2. The prompt for today was 'I made this'. It was hard to make a choice, 'cause I make a lot of things. This is the one I chose.


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