Saturday, March 09, 2013


Here's a little update to what I've photographed the last few days.

Day 3. 'Key' & Day 4. 'Under'

Day 5. 'Lucky' & Day 6. 'Chair'

Day 7. 'Fear' & Day 8. 'Favourite'

Day 9. 'Faceless selfportrait'

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I went shopping

I felt like I deserved to spend some money. There were many reasons, for example: 'I finished my first Photo A Day', 'My grades were amazing lately', but most of al: 'I really, really, REALLY need a new lens'. So I went shopping.

I came home with:
- The amazing 'plastic fantastic' Canon EF 50mm f/1,8 II lens
- Estée Lauder's Sensuous Noir 
- 4 rolls of washi tape
- 2 fake lipfinity lipsticks (they are way too colorful, but who cares for €2.-)
- An ultrasuperduperfake Jack Daniels shirt (or as the shirt says 'Daniiels')

I used the washi tape to pimp my phone!

Oh, I almost forgot. This is the photo for day 2. The prompt for today was 'I made this'. It was hard to make a choice, 'cause I make a lot of things. This is the one I chose.


Friday, March 01, 2013

Photo A Day March.

Today I start with the photo challenge for march. The theme for day 1 is 'L is for...'. First I wanted to do something with lipstick, but it turned out awfully! The colour of the lipstick was way to red and my teeth looked like they were yellow. So I started thinking, while I actually had to be studying. I searched around the house for something beginning with L, when I stumbled upon my Holga. YES, that's it, lomography.

Day 1. 'L is for...' - Lomography!

I always crop these images into squares, 'cause I want all of them to be the same size. I know, it's pathetic. 
Want to join me in the challenge? Get the 'how to play' and all the info you need! (Click!)

Photo A Day!

Haven't heard from me in a while! I know. I've been busy with school, I'm studying psychology now. But that's not all! Last month I callenged myself, my photography and my photoshop skills. I found this great list at Fat Mum Slim. Every month she puts up a list with themes for each day, she calls it 'Photo A Day', and it's quite a challenge. But, I DID IT!

The challange

The result!