Friday, April 06, 2012

Wine boxes

One of my favorite projects is the wine box collage. 

I have a very small room. With a double bed, a wardrobe and a bedside table, it is kind of full. But every girl loves decoration, so I just had to do something with my walls.

That's when I came across the idea to hang boxes, not just boxes... Wine boxes!

Luckily it was Christmastime and at my mothers work, they gave away wine in fancy boxes. My mum got 4 of them, with the wine of course! Yumyum

So now I have a double box with a door, two normal boxes and a square one

I tried multiple setups, but they all were a little boring. So I painted the little door with chalkboard paint. But it still wasn't what I wanted. And then my mum came up with the idea of the rose and the photo frames. 

We put all the boxes and stuff on the floor, and measured the whole collage. Then we drilled holes in the backsides so we could hang them. 

It took quite some time and a lot of it took quite some time, a lot of frustration and even more measuring. But after all of that, it's pretty close to perfect. 

Now I just had to put all my stuff in it. 

The buddha was a present from my sister, the bowl and butterfly I made myself (see first post), the photo frames are from IKEA, the small bottle is filled with lavender parfume and the roses are dried.

And for the ones who wonder which perfumes I've got:
Trèsor - In Love
Dior - Poison
Dsquared² - She Wood
Givenchy - Play
Cacharel - Noa

I still have no idea what kind of photos to put into the frames. Suggestions are welcome.

Lots of love

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