Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The beginning


I am Jacky, a 19 years old girl from Holland.
I've been making so much stuff lately, that I thought I should share it with the world.

It all started last year. I was reading some blogs and came across the websites Cut Out + Keep and Pinterest. That's where my addiction begun.

The very first thing we (my sister and I) made was a magazine bowl. I've got this big collection of magazines stashed under my bed. Finally they had a destination.

We had so much fun making them. That day we made two, the next even 2 more. Friends and family love them! But you need a lot of time for it. It took us 3 - 4 hours per bowl, she did al the folding, and I rolled the bowl. We varnished them to make them hard en shiney.

Looks like fun? Learn how to make them yourself, here.

When the bowls got a bit boring, we moved on to other stuff we could make with this technique.
The results:

We pimped up a IKEA photo frame and we made a butterfly!

The butterfly:
For the butterfly you need to make 2 little disks and 2 bigger ones (twice the size I guess).
Then you need to make the 'body', that''s pretty easy. First fold the paper into the length you need and then wrap until you think it's big enough.
Then you reach the hardest part. Take a strip of paper and fold it around two of the disks. There will be a lot of space between the 2 disks. Use glue to secure the last strip of paper between the 2 disks. Last, you must glue all the pieces together.

Happy crafting.


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